What are the things needed to be learned for IoT ?

IoT-PreparationsAs per Cisco, IoT will trigger $8 trillion in revenues over the course of the next 10 years. Also Internet of Things – from smart home devices to connected cars – will transform e-commerce and allow it to stretch across the breadth of the customer journey – from awareness to intent, to purchase. By 2020, as many as 5 connected objects per Smartphone user will be a new normal. As Jaipur is also going to become smart city, IoT training in Jaipur will help students to learn this new domain and build a career.

To become an IoT expert, below are the steps for a student or professional to focus upon:

  1. Basic electronics to understand about analog and digital sensors.
  2. Knowledge of C programming or Python so that you can work on microcontroller boards like Arduino, Raspberry and Intel Galileo etc.
  3. Once you have the sensor data on your microcontroller board, you need to send it to cloud for analytics. For this, you need to understand about data exchange mechanisms like JSON or XML.
  4. Now you have data on the cloud, you need to perform analytics. For that, you should be good either in Python or R to play with No SQL database like Mongo DB and chart libraries for visualisation.
  5. After this stage, you should be able to write REST APIs so that a mobile app can fetch this meaningful data to user’s device.

Forsk Technologies offers project based IoT training to students to make them industry ready. More details for IoT training in Jaipur can be found at http://forsk.in/iot.php. We recently conducted an IoT bootcamp in Manipal University Jaipur and had overwhelming response from students and faculty.

Forsk founders have already worked with Samsung, Nokia, Wipro, Philips, TCS, Qualcomm and Infosys to provide training in the field of mobile and emerging technologies.

Forsk team already has 300+ students from Manipal, MNIT and IIIT Kota going through project-based learning. For more details on IoT training in Jaipur, you can reach to Forsk team at yogendra@forsk.in.

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