Forsk was founded by Dr. Sylvester and Yogendra in mid 2015. Sylvester and Yogendra have spent over 15 years in industry.

Dr. Sylvester Fernandes

Co-Founder and Lead Instructor Forsk Technologies

Dr. Sylvester has rich experience of 14 years in application development and deployment of mobile applications. He has worked at various positions in industry. His areas of expertise are mobile and wireless application development, web application development, embedded solutions and smartOS based solutions. He has worked with Mango, Neuerung, Centerac and CardPro.

Yogendra Singh

Co-Founder and Lead Instructor Forsk Technologies

Yogendra has several years of experience with leading mobility and app development companies like Qualcomm, Mango and ZDRIVE. While working with these companies he has played strategic and key role in developing and launching hundreds of apps successfully. He was part of the team that developed an application framework for low and mid-tier mobile devices that enables developers to quickly create customized mobile apps and user experience. This product was sold to Qualcomm Inc., world's largest semiconductor company.

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